The Beatles have a song entitled, “All You Need is Love”, and though they probably did not realize it,
they were right. We all need the love of God and to return that love to Him. As we head into February,
we have the opportunity to show the love of God by loving each other and loving our neighbors.
We can show our love for each other at church by volunteering to usher, cleaning up after Wednesday
night dinners, serving in our Sonshine Kids’ ministries, and helping in the Welcome Center. We can show love
for others in the community by writing GROW letters, serving food at the Homeless Coalition, joining one
of our public school outreach teams, or sharing the gospel with those you meet around town.
People need to know that they are loved by Jesus! Let’s take the time this month, and every month,
to show both our love and Christ’s love to the people around us.

-Pastor Dale Hardy

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