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Name(s) Mission Field Organization Year Left For Field
Sam and Amy Slobodian BIEM 1985
Jerriel and Delia Shaw Mexico WWNTBM 1985
Ron and Christine Enoch South Sudan BBFI 1985
Ken and Joyce Symes Jewish Awareness JAM 1989
Rudy and Lorraine Johnson Peru APOYO 1989
Craig and Fran Lingo Columbia BBFI 1989
Hope Childrens Home Tampa 1992
Ricky and Tammy Salmon Thailand BBFI 1993
Roger and Cheri Mullin Albania Mullins 1995
Thomas Hunter Jr. Church Planting in FL FBBF 1997
Christian Law Association Ohio 1999
Tom and Carol Wallace Ireland BBFI 1999
Rick and Fran Schuessler Bahamas BBFI 2000
Bob and Janice Marshall Wales BBFI 2001
Donna Woodson Nicaragua BBFI 2002
Trinity Baptist College Jacksonville 2003
Don and Sheryl Rooks Counseling Ministry CMCH 2003
Erwin and Amy Santoso New Zealand BBFI 2005
Jim and Barbie Waters Zambia BBFI 2005
Michael and Tammie Nelson Australia BBFI 2007
Chris and Sonya Goodman Australia BBFI 2007
Jon and April Flowers Taiwan BBFI 2007
Susan Perkins Haiti BBFI 2008
Jerry and Itsan Shaw Mexico WWNTBM 2009
Ryan and Sarah Johnson England CMCH 2010
Cory and Jessie Lyons Philippines BBFI 2011
Corey and Jessica Kershner Taiwan BBFI 2013
Shane and Kayti Salmon Thailand BBFI 2014


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