Happy New Year! Wow, 2017 was an exciting year of change and blessings. The “Word of the Year” for Sonshine in 2018 is “FAITH”! As we head into 2018, we have much to look forward to with an expectation of God doing amazing things with us and through us. Starting January 10th, we will begin serving Wednesday night meals from 5:30 – 6:30pm to make it easier for everyone, especially working families, to still be able to come after work and engage in our midweek service. This will be a great time for everyone to get to know one another better, fellowship together, and then worship and grow
spiritually during the Wednesday night adult and youth programs. Be sure to read the information below for more details.

Also in January, we will have a guest speaker on the 21st. Rick Scheussler, our missionary to the Caribbean, will be with us! Be sure to come hear about how his ministry in the Bahamas is doing.

At the end of the month, we will have our Annual Business Meeting at 5pm on Sunday, January 28th. Then we will have a special Communion Service at 6pm, after the meeting to begin our year off right by remembering what Christ did for us on the Cross so many years ago.

We are excited to spend this month setting goals and continuing to grow with you throughout 2018!

-Dale Hardy, Pastor

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