Campus Map

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A1 – Church Library
A2 – Hospitality Entrance
A3 – Auditorium
A5 – Prayer Room
A4 – Nursery
A6 – Sonshine Kids Classroom

Multi-Purpose Building:

MPB 1 – Bible Study Classroom
MPB 2 – Contemporary Auditorium/Youth Classroom

Student Ministry Building:

SMB 1 – AWANA (1st-5th Grade)
SMB 2 – AWANA (1st-5th Grade)
SMB 3 – AWANA (1st-5th Grade)
SMB 4 – Youth Classroom (6th-12th Grade)
SMB 5 – AWANA (1st-5th Grade)
SMB 6 – Youth Classroom (6th-12th Grade)


Whether you are a first time guest, or a long time member of our church we are glad you are here.

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